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A theatrical storytelling for Olympus

A great technical and creative solution for a unique event


A presentation is a journey

Our goal is to turn each presentation into an experience.


Olympus began as a camera’s craftsman with mere objectives but has transformed into a strong player in the fields of endoscopy, medical systems, and industrial solutions. become a strong player in the field of endoscopy, medical systems, and industrial solutions.

The Executive Chief, Miquel Angel García, wanted to propose something different for the annual Kick Off of the company in Spain. He wanted to communicate both successes and challenges the employees would deal with. Spain, Italy, and Portugal would meet together to represent the Southern European region at this event. We succeeded in transforming this project into a real journey that the client would discover before, during and after the project.

“Miquel Angel conveyed his ideas clearly: he wanted a mind-blowing effect, a practical but at the same time spectacular and narrative presentation.”

presentacion_olympus2The creative process of began way before the actual event, starting from brainstorming and consulting sessions with the client, then the development of a visual and theatrical script, of a graphic and animation design, the actual construction of the presentation to finally provide technical assistant during the event and some notions of “theatrical coaching”. As the event took place at the grand Palau d´Altea, it was of utter importance to create a prestigious presentation that would compensate the majesty of the stage.

The technical solution was designed ad Hoc for Olympus. It consisted of a “visual journey” through symbolic and abstract landscapes that would allow the speakers to express with their own words – the presentation was to be delivered in two languages – the company´s vision. The editing of a series of videos and Power Point slides in KeyNote gave an effect that went beyond conventional and totally surprised the audience which felt part of the journey.

The icing on the cake of this project was our contribution and support in terms of “theatrical coaching” that made this event unforgettable both for the audience and for our client.





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