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Presentations for showroom

A world tailored for Mattel with drawings and animations



Often, developing a presentation leads to a stronger development of branding through particular visual elements.

In this sense we drew a “Mattel planet” adapted to Prezi where we could tell the story of the brand and its achievements during the year 2013. Every illustration was created by on the basis of the client’s image and products.

Prezi allowed us to zoom and travel the length and breadth of a custom-made planet. It allowed us to show different angles of this planet including, small houses of the brand, balloons, games and trade fair trains.

Animations allowed us to create a more lively presentation that we kept in mind for our client.

By adding structure to the information presented, we were able to develop a dynamic, but clear presentation.

Combining the animations for the entertainment side of the project, and the clear, dynamic approach at presenting the information, we were able to capture Mattel’s core characteristics.

Every presentation has to respond to the client’s character and personality.


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