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iPhone: The Answer to Video Marketing


By Redacción

20 july, 2017

How your iPhone is the easiest way to achieve your video marketing strategy

Shooting copy

Previously, one could say that video marketing was simply unachievable because of lack of equipment. Today, that excuse is no longer viable. Video marketing is a strategy that your audience wants to see, a tool that will set you apart from your competitors.

Guess what? The answer to any of your doubts is comfortably tucked away in your back pocket.

Yes, that is right, reach back there and pull out your iPhone, the answer to all your questions.

Shocking news here: there is an app to solve video marketing as well!

Utilizing your camera phone is going to help you tremendously. You no longer need to possess the high-quality professional equipment to capture moments that you want to share with your clientele.

Of course, for you, this means a simplified way of achieving a highly effective business strategy. And an approach that is much more financially adequate.

Take a look at this video for some tips on shooting a constructive piece with your iPhone:

General tips to assure video perfection:

1) Before you even begin, make sure there is enough storage on your phone!

  • This is a vital mistake that many make without even realizing it. Ensure that you have enough storage by going into “Settings” and then “Storage and iCloud usage” and see if you have enough space to store your video.

2) Use a stable structure to place your phone for filming

  • A tripod is your best bet here, but if you do not want to invest in this device, make something around you work! Just try and not resort to using your hands, which result to be quite visibly shaky.

3) A few technical tips:

  • Make sure the area around where you are filming is quiet
  • Make sure the lighting is the way you want it (you want it to be natural for best results)
  • If your video has sound, make sure it is audible!
  • Filming horizontally will widen the coverage area

Use these tips above and filming will become a natural skill you can use in the workplace!



iPhone: The Answer to Video Marketing

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