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4 Communication Trends Inspired by Stranger Things


By Redacción

12 august, 2016

Stranger Things has skyrocketed rankings thanks to a blow-minding patchwork of the 80s' greatest hits. We got inspired and extracted some communication trends you might find useful.

It´s been almost a month already since the release of Netflix latest series Stranger Things and after watching the same trailer over and over popping up in Facebook and Instagram, I thought I had to something about it. So last weekend I watched the entire season (only 8 episodes) in less than 48 hours, starving for more at the end of it. Conclusion? I completely agree with Stephen King… you can´t miss it!

Stranger Things - Goonies resemblance

Stranger Things – Goonies resemblance

How many of you have thought about Goonies at this picture´s first glance? For the 80s-lovers, this series is an absolute must. You are gonna feel excitement, and a bit of nostalgia, from the very beginning when you see three adventurous kids bumping into an unconventional girl – let´s say – while looking for their best friend. You are going to be swallowed up by a thrilling but not threatening vibe, a constant sense of mystery with an extraterrestrial touch.

At the same time stories happening in Hawkins are real and characters are authentic; they tell about love, frienship, tragedy, bullying, personal struggles and much more.

Stranger Things ensured me once again that Stranger People are the smartest even though many times not accepted by the society: they are simply innovative, creative and use imagination to find solutions.

Apart from falling in love with the series, we thought about what we could learn from it, merge it with our expertise and offer you 4 communication trends you can apply to your presentations. Are you STRANGER enough to use them?



1. Transmedia storytelling

Before 15 July Netflix followers already knew about an upcoming 80s-like show, thanks to transmedia messages launched by the network on its TV channel, social networks and website. What about a shaved-head girl with super powers looking frightening and dirty but at the same time fragile and scared?

Mystery and suspense are conveyed through all posts keeping users and (future) fans hooked to the series and creating a small community after its release. Netflix Spain published this video on its YouTube page on 24 June revealing some traits of Eleven.

Start your presentation with mystery or a problem to solve, keep them hanging during your talk and reveal the solutions through your media platforms afterwards.


2. Old but Gold

When you start writing the script of your presentation, you´d better make sure your content stands out somehow. Imagination does not entail the concept of creativity and innovation only, it´s something more.

Stranger Things succeeded in paying homage to the 80s greatest hits and particularly to the cinema icons Steven Spielberg and Steven King, starting from the title of the series displayed with the unique font that gushes mystery and cries out King´s legacy.

A clear reference to the "E.T." masterpiece

A clear reference to the masterpiece “E.T.”


Imagination is a value that resides in those people who are able to repurpose content in an original way. Some products are ever-green, take advantage of them and find new ways to innovate.


3. Virtual Reality

While Nintendo was working on its augmented reality gaming app – the famous Pokemon Go – Netflix was creating an upside/down world where we would get absorbed easily. So while kids and young adults walk on the streets in the search of Pokemon Go, others would stay at home immersed in Hawkins´mysteries. What do they have in common? The creation of their own realities.

Even if we cannot feel on our skin the thrill to get into the Valley of the Shadows, Netflix creators launched a virtual reality experience to promote the series: a 360º video available on YouTube and adaptable to a VR dispositive or a Google Cardboard, or simply to your smartphone or computer. Try it yourself here on your computer or smartphone, although the effect is not the same at all. The kids of Stranger Things gave it a shot already…and the reactions are hilarious!

Create a 360º VR video yourself to show your real product or project´s added value. Many companies are starting to apply this trend to convince their buyers about life-changing ideas.


4. Go back to beginning

Sometimes it´s good to ask yourself – or to your working group – the “Where is Will?” question. When you find yourself in the middle of an editorial process after reading pages of material and you realize you are losing track of your key message, you need to go back to the beginning and keep concentrating on your main goal; in this case finding Will.

We recommend you create a conceptual map dividing your content in themes and sub-themes, keeping in mind your target and your objectives.

Prezi is a good digital tool to write your flow of ideas as you can move slides freely on the screen and create a structure. Otherwise we suggest you using post-it or a white board.


Written by Laura Zuffi


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